Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quarterly Update :)

So I have not updated since March and we have had lost going on in our world! We have been doing way to many things to list everything but I will hit on some of the fun things. I am amazed at how much my angel has grown and how much she is learning every day! She is going to be so much smarter than me very soon! LOL!

In March we finally took Family pictures and I started being more active in the MOMs group I joined. We have been to the Zoo, story time, doing crafts, and having moms nights out! I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and making new friends!
April we celebrated Easter, this year was so fun seeing her go after the eggs and seeing the excitement on her face when she realized some had chocolate in them! We also went to a petting zoo, road the Train at Forest Park and went to a few birthday parties.
May was a trying month for me because Ethan and I went to Puerto Rico for his best friends wedding, I had never stayed away from her overnight and it was really hard for me! But I knew she was in good hands and I talked to her every day and had a great time at the wedding and on the beach! Once we got back we celebrated Mothers day and i got lots of snuggle time with my little monkey!
June we celebrated Sheldon's graduation from Burleson High School and Megan's graduation from Springtown High School! I am very proud of both of these young adults I know they will both have great things coming their ways soon! We celebrated Fathers day and took Tinsley to Concert In the Gardens for the first time, and she loved it! I can not wait for next year!
July is one of my favorite months, I love fireworks!! We watched a few fireworks displays and turns out Tinsley loves them just as much as I do!! We also got to spend some time with our long lost friends from Dallas at a poker party the Hanson's hosted. I am glad Tinsley is getting to spend some time with our friends and their babies!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm such a bad blogger!!
So on January 17th I turned 30 and had an amazing dinner date with my husband (I did not want a big party) and we went to the movies. We helped throw a surprise birthday party for Ethan's dads 60th birthday and it was a huge success! Towards the end of the month Tinsley and I both got sick and Ethan had to take care of us!

In February I joined a local MOM's club and had the first meeting with them. Tinsley loved it!! She got to hand out valentines, and run around with a lot of kids her age. I went to a party at a friends house and ended up signing up to sell the products! I am officially a Thirty-one gifts consultant!! (I will be having my first party on March 11th) Tinsley had her first Dentist appointment and did good! She even got a new purple toothbrush for being a good girl! Then we went to Austin to see my little brother Clay get married. We stayed with Jason and Julie in Austin and Tinsley loved hanging with uncle J and Frisbee even showed some love towards the end of our visit.

March has started off great! We had our family pictures on this past Saturday and i think they are going to turn out great! I got my hair cut and teeth cleaned, that always makes me feel better. Tinsley and I went to the zoo with the Wortham's and had a good time. We are going back with the moms group on Tuesday! Tinsley loves the fish and turtles!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tinsley is 1!!!

On December 9th Tinsley turned ONE!!
Where has the time gone? I can not believe she is a year old already!!
She is walking and repeating things we say, climbing, and getting into everything she is not supposed to! She is growing and learning so much it is amazing. I am so glad I get to stay home and see this on a daily basis!

Here are her 12 mo pictures.

December 1st

We went to Grapevine to start off the holidays with the parade of lights and tree lighting. I dressed Tinsley and myself up in our holiday shirts and as soon as Dad got home we loaded up the car and headed out. We got a really good spot and set up our chars and put Tinsley in her stroller between us. Even though it rained (Yes I was prepared) we still had a great time!! Here are some pictures!

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving we went to Ethan's moms house to get together with the family. We all took our dishes and empty stomachs and headed to Shelley's. I made Ham, green beans, cranberry sauce, corn casserole and rolls... I think everything was wonderful and loved that we got left overs for the rest of the week! However Tinsley was not so lucky she got sick and we had to leave early. We took her to the urgent care the next morning and they said she has chicken pox, however we didn't think they where right so we made and appointment for her at her regular doctor. Turns out she had hand foot and mouth. So we put our house on lock down and snuggled with her until she was herself again.

Here is a picture of Ethan and Tinsley playing with GG's Santa.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Nov 3 - I am thankful for my husband
Nov 4 - I am thankful for by beautiful daughter
Nov 5 - I am thankful for new friends
Nov 6 - I am thankful for the home we have created for our family
Nov 7 - I am thankful for the rain (It rained this day!)
Nov 8 - I am thankful for being able to stay at home with Tinsley
Nov 9 - I am thankful for modern technology
Nov 10 - I am thankful for my old friends
Nov 11 - I am thankful for my freedom
Nov 12 - I am thankful for my health
Nov 13 - I am thankful for being able to fill our grocery basket with things we need and things we want.
Nov 14 - I am thankful for Hobby Lobby and Party City

I am keeping track of my thankfulness on my phone since I knew I would not be able to post as much as I want.

Here is a picture of Tinsley in her Rangers gear during the World Series!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


November is going to be a very busy month for us but I am really going to try and post once a week with the things I am thankful for. I have friends that are doing this and I thought it was a great idea.

Nov 1 - I am thankful for my family!
Nov 2 - I am thankful for the family I married into!

Happy Thanksgiving!